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Thread: Old Skool Spider-man Fans

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    I just wanted 2 know is there any fans of the old Spider-Man comics.. IE The Amazing Spider-Man...

    Of course i like the new Spider-Man comics , Ultimate Spider-Man..

    but the old skool comics r the best... well i say best but wot i mean is 1-130, it gets shit after that, the Gwen Stacey clone, and the Spidey mobile WOTF...

    but anyway there must b sum old Spidey fans, Chalice - Mutterings iam looking at u guys ...

    Ps i own the first 1-126 of The Amazing Spider-Man comics cost me ( well my mom & dad) a fourtune...

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    May 2003
    Yep, I'm a big spidey fan.
    Especially the first 50. Sandman, Scorpion, Green Goblin.
    I've always liked the bad guys more.
    That's some collection Metro. Never sell it. Give it to me.

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    Yep i luv my Spidey Collection more than anything...

    I really need Amazing Fantsy 15, but i just don't have the 2grand it wud cost me...

    but i wud trade all my spidey collection in 2 spend the day with the MetroStars squad

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    keep a watch on ebay man, seems a new fad is rising of having pages from these old key issued cgc'd. who knows, may be able to put together that af 15, hehe

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    on something.
    I've read them since I learned to read, spiderman is what made me start reading comics seriously.

    And they sure where better then, the clone stories, and all the stuff with the wife wasn't half as fun as when he spent his days making bad puns.

    Never liked Aunt May though.

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    I wish i could get the first copy of spiderman when he gets bitten by that spider.. just looking at the original work would be cool.


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