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Thread: leaseweb login info?

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    Ok I'm a beginner at this so I'm a bit confused, I just got my information from Leaseweb and I have the ssc login information which is the username and password for their self service site. Anyways Then I got the seedbox information in a seperate email with this info

    - IP address: x.xx.xx.xx /
    - Gateway:

    Well I copy/paste the ip into the RDP on windows and it connects where I get to the login screen of the server, Here it asks for a username and a password..

    All I got in the email about login information is this

    *Please note that TCP/IP Filtering is enabled so only ports: 21, 80 & 3389 are open.


    - System Administrator with password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Where is the username? I tried the password and left the user field blank but it won't login.. Also tried the ssc login information, thought that might be it but same problem... What do I have to use exactly to login???
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    The RDP Username should be "Administrator"

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    You should have gotten debian.
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    use Administrator as the username

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    I just reecieved my login information and when I enter the IP in Remote Desktop Connection, it won't connect. I recieve the following error: "This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem reoccurs...."

    Is there something you must do before you can login? Perhaps something done in the Self Service Center?

    I'm completely new at this, I appreciate any help. Running Vista Ultimate 64 BTW.


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