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Thread: Svcd Play Back On Pc

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    i have downloaded x-men2 svcd cd 1 but i can't seem to be able to play it back on my pc i have tried div-x, media player, kazaa, real one player but i still can't watch it. can anybody help me?

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    Do none of those players u mentioned play the file?!?!?! Is the screen just blank, but the counter moves??? If so its a good chance u d/l a Fakie!!!

    OK i'm gonna put down an easy to follow guide for newbies d/ling Movies from Kazaa..Print it off...Pin it on ya wall...Treasure these snippets of Knowledge

    1.Just coz a certain movie has loads of sources (50+) dont mean it aint Fake (other people could have been duped jus' like u!!!! But most of the time its a good sign (he says).
    2.Always check the info on the movie u want to download..It might say 'X-Men 2'..But check the actual filename (does it say another movie altogether!&#33 FAKE!!
    3.Check the running time...Is it too short/too long (WOW 'Terminator3' is a 30min Sitcom...NOT!!&#33
    4.Hang on for awhile...If the Movie has just had a Cinema release theres a good chance u wont see REAL files filtering through to Kazaa for at least 1/2/3 weeks after..(Dont go for 'Matrix Revolutions' Now..U silly people )
    5.AVIpreview...Use it!!!!...Nuff said
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    Originally posted by slimboyfatz@23 August 2003 - 15:00
    Do none of those players u mentioned play the file?!?!?!
    all of the programs he mentioned don't play mpeg2 movies anyway, so it's best to try the movie on a player that does play SVCD files, like powerDVD


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