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Thread: Leaseweb newbie problems.

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    ok I'm just going to make this thread because I have a couple of questions, I have ordered the Express server 4 package at leaseweb and I logged onto it right before going to work, installed uTorrent which works OK.. I haven't tried fiddling with the settings yet.

    1. First question is, Ports are not forwarded so the speed isn't that good.. 100kb/s max, How exactly does one do portforwarding on a box?

    2. Another question I also have is, that they say that the box comes with 160gb drive space, but when looking around I can only see a 20gb partition.. the C:

    3. My third question is concerning the speed.. When I connected with the remote desktop before going to work the speed was decent and it was running pretty fine, but after returning home this evening it is very very laggy.. I mean I can hardly move the windows around, let alone start/stop torrents and this makes it a tedious process my dload speed at home is about 8mbit/512 I have no idea if this plays any role?
    Or is the slow speed of the remote caused by leaseweb?

    4. My last question is concerning the restrictions on the browser etc.. I tried installing flash on the thing but explorer keeps blocking everything on the box, all security is set to high and I can't seem to be able to change it.. What's up with that?

    Sorry these might be stupid questions but I'm new at this..
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    1) There are no ports blocked/forwarded at all. The server don't use the type of router settings you're used to. Any port blocking is due to Internet security settings, not port forwarding.

    2) There's a 20gb partition, the rest is unpartioned space; you must build it yourself.

    3) It's most likely your Internet; if you're using up a lot of your own connection with Torrents, it'll naturally be slow.

    4) You need to change Internet security settings in Internet explorer. You must set a Custom level.

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    I think you have to turn off the TCP/IP filter, it should be in the network connection property page.


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