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Thread: Id3 Virus

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    Posted by andy on May 24, 2002 at 00:09:33:
    i'd read earlier today about a virus spread within corrupted mp3s carried w/in the ID3 tag, that spreads randomly to other mp3s in your system. anyway, winamp was locking things up, or at least causing major drag-down on the system when opening almost any file. just ran ID3Kill, and my winamp has never worked better. double click on files - bang - theyre playing. a great product anyway (intuitive,clean design), but so helpful in this instance...
    is ther anyway to combat this virus and does any1 know wher i can find ID3kill that this uys talking about.????

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    found it, it removes the id3 tags from files. im thinking if the virus is in the tag if i remove it the file will work

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    fu**ing predictable. now i think i found a way of fixing they knackered mp3 files i cant find 1 on kazaa lol

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    this was a buffer overflow condition, not technically a virus, usually replicated if the title in the id3v2 tag had a title of over 159 characters or something.

    The vulnerability was fixed in winamp as long ago as version 2.81 i think.


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