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Thread: I think I broke my seedbox...

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    So I have a linux seedbox which I have been using for the past month with no problems. I followed NaQ's guide here for the most part to set it up.

    The box was working perfectly this past month, so I never shut down utorrent or rebooted it. Today I noticed that my transfer speeds were spiking a lot, and it seemed as though I was frequently getting disconnected from lots of peers. So I decided to reboot the server.

    I am beginning to think that wasn't a good idea.

    When I closed utorrent I noticed that the wine output had a number of errors in it, which I guess should have been my first hint that something was wrong. I sshed into the server and typed 'reboot' and it went as expected. Except now I can't connect to my server at all. I ran a port scan on it's IP and 80 is the only one open (I was also using the box as a web server.)

    What went wrong/how do I fix it? I just uploaded some torrents to a site and now I feel like a jackass for not seeding

    Thanks guys.

    Edit: Ok apparently the port scan wasn't finished, and 111 is also open... 'sunrpc'?

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    It's possible that it didn't come back online, you'll have to open a support ticket/email them or something like that, there's nothing you can really do if you can't connect to the server. You should not email them asking them to perform a service however; that may get you a fee. They won't object to it, as it's money for them, and it may not be a full solution. What you should do is just tell them you're problem: I rebooted the server and can no longer connect.

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    Alright, thanks for the advice.. hopefully they won't investigate it too much


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