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Thread: seedbox hosting

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    hi everyone, i just took a private seedbox at seedbox hosting , i am really not getting anywhere using the site, is there anyone who is familiar with it to get me started? (The manuals at their site does not get me far)


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    download a torrent file from which ever site you use, upload it to your seedbox, hit go... shaaaazam big uploads and ratio

    also, what kind of seedbox is it? torrentflux? utorret? just give us a few more details and we can give you a bit more of a hand

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    thanks bammers,

    the seedbox is using torrentflux, the helpdesk at seedbox help desk told me to download the torrents file from my private tracker first to my home pc and then upload it to the seedbox.... that doenst make sense to me...

    I want to download and upload directly into the seedbox...

    reading the manual of torrentflux it says that i can upload from an url ... i tried this but it didnt work

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    You do it the same as if you are using your own torrent client as you normally do, but do not start the torrent on your computer.

    Note where the torrent file is saved, in torretnflux on the top left hand corner is a empty box and browse next to it , browse to where the torrent file is, not the actuals files, and click go and start it does it all for you.

    My seedbox is down for some reason so I do not have the image in front of me.

    I have messaged you as a friend so we can IM if you need help-it really is just patience and learning.

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    PM me ur msn if u still need help..

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    thanks everyone, been able to solve the problem, (sorry for the late response i was travelling to London and Brussels and just got back)


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