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Thread: You thought HDT will RIP ?

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    No never, as long me and the whole staff is here at HDT, the site will not be down, u can ry to hack us more and more but till the end you will loose, couse we do everything for users. The site have been hacked twice but, still we are standing.
    The site have been online now like 7weeks and its popin users and we got so good leechers and seeders, you are looking after a nice community with very nice users/staff ?
    Then join HDT This is your last chance, We will not give you other chance then this, enjoy and have fun with us

    YEs we dont lie, we got 8x upload now to give our dear users a chance to get a good ratio


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    Mar 2006
    Hacked twice in seven weeks o_0

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    yes, i dont know why, to much hates cuz we are to good

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    2x hacked

    But 8x upload


    You are clearly 2 legit 2 quit.

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    okej lets say that, im not loosing anything, cuz ill never quit with HDT. I dont care what you guys says but i know what HDT will be in future, and no fail

    nvm, close this thread or delete it
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    Keep on truckin'

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    o_0 what's the point of this thread? Can't tell if it's a news item or someone trying to advertise yet another tracker... for real, close it (the thread).

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    no the point was, before i posted this site, many said it will die after 1 week, that made me so mad, now we proof we are staying but for real close it or remove it

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    8x upload nice well I like supporting new community I'll sign up

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    Apr 2008
    What type of tracker is it?

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