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Thread: American Wedding

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    Looking for the movie american wedding that is less than 400mb in size( including cd 1 & 2). I asked for this before but ppl refered me to verifieds where the movie is 700mb file. I cant wait that long to download. I am going back to my hostel tomorrow. need to get it downloaded by tonight.

    THnx if someone helps.
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    The only file that would be that small is a tmd release I don't know if any came out check

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    disc 1
    File: [TMD]American.Wedding.(ESO).Proper.TS.(1of2).avi
    Length: 123510784 Bytes, 120616KB
    UUHash: =2331TnaC14UzX7mKbZdUIXuBCL8=

    disc 2
    File: [tmd]
    Length: 127703040 Bytes, 124710KB
    UUHash: =5+GwFAOxUXAO+ot8hhtEBcdAJO0=

    the quality aint too great tho' - i couldnt get sources on the bigger file

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    THnx pol ,,, i got just the thing i was looking for
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    It's also on Suprnova


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