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Thread: Just Dl Matrix Reloaded

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    Hi just dl matrix reloaded all files are in rar format once unpacked the files are .gi what prog do i need to burn these to dvd?Tempgenc doesnt convert this type of file so any suggestions would be great.Still searching dvdrhelp nothing there yet!!!

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    Thanks chimp just looking for software to burn with now looks like prassi' primocd is the software unless any one else knows of any other

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    what the hell is going on with the double posts!!!!

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    I don't know if this is still any help for you after the long downtime, but I'll post it anyway

    The .gi format is a format for DVD-images.
    You'll need to convert those files into a burnable DVD-image.
    Look for an app called 'ImgTool' that can do the job.

    If my memory serves me right however, that version of Matrix Reloaded had an error in naming the files. There should be an .nfo file included explaining what to do to correct it.
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    No conversion needed.Just use Stomp recordnow max as it supports that format.It worked when I burned TMR.

    *Tip originally courtesy of Paul*


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