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Thread: Bittorent And Sharereactor

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    i hear ppl talkin bout them all the time, but have NO clue wotsoever wot they r........

    can ne of u xplain it 2 me??? thnx......
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    They are both P2P (peer-2-peer) applications for filesharing bittorrent use small file called .torrents that lead to the file u are looking for, very easy to use. Now, Sharereactor is a website that has just about everything u want (games,music,apps,etc.) and there is always sources, but the downfall is that it's kind of slow. but in order to download u need a program called Emule and there are various program's u can use instead of that one they will be listed for u.


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