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Thread: Directors Who Started Strong...

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    ... then quickly went to shit. the cinema equivalent to "one hit wonders," if you know what i mean.

    got any directors who just piss you right off because they started out with one or two awesome films, and then followed it up with a lot of crap? list them!

    here's mine:

    Alex Cox-- "Repo Man" and "Sid & Nancy" were both excellent, and then everything he's done afterwards has been terrible.

    Stuart Gordon-- "Re-Animator" was brilliant and hilarious, and he hasn't shown anywhere near that sort of talent in any of his other movies.

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    He is an amzing director but John McTiernan gets my vote,

    he started gr8 with predator , Die Hard , Die Hard 3, then went mad and made the Thomas Crown Affiar, Rollerball that was dogs muck, and no he is down Canadian movies.. poor guy

    and my pops claims he knows this guy cos they where born in the same place Albany, New York ( i think he is a lying sack of shit tho )

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    1.John Singleton...started off with 'Boyz n the hood' and progressed over the years to '2fast 2furious' (ooohh no no no!!&#33
    2.Guy Ritchie...Lock,stock..Snatch and then he brings us Swept Away WTF!!!!
    3.George Lucas...Star Wars Episode IV etc etc..then Episode I (maybe let old Georgie off there...
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