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    can any1 suggest a tool to rename files in a particular folder to the filenames in a torrent?? this would be useful when seeding to a tracker with a file downloaded from another tracker.. and also 4 reseeding, if one has changed the file names. a tool is available at, but this can be used only for that tracker

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    If you wanna rename multiple files google for "bulk rename utility".
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    ya, i have heard of 'bulk rename utility' .. but if there is a tool which can input a torrent and then can change names of similar files in a folder to the names in this torrent, it would be great ..

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    Searching for a tool like that sounds too time-consuming, I'd rather just manually rename everything.

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    If you are using utorrent 1.8 you do not need to rename the files to seed them as long as it's the same file.

    Open up the torrent in stopped mode
    Highlight the torrent
    Click on the Files tab
    Right click on each file name and choose Relocate...
    Find the file, Highlight it, and click Save
    Do this for each file and then right click on the torrent and choose Force Recheck just to be sure everything is kosher.
    Start the torrent to seed.


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