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Thread: WinAvi on the vista

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    I have a problem with the winavi on the vista, I allways use the winavi for convert xvid to dvd, but when I install the vista, I can't convert with good quality, the image stay a little shaked, like frames or something.

    I don't now if is the vista, or is the codes, on xp I used the xp codec pack, and the winavi work fine, but with the vista I installed the K-Lite Codec Pack. I already try with severel packs, but witout sucess.

    Anyone can help me here? I don't now what to do to solve this problem.

    Another question is how play a movie with just the essencial codecs, I install the xvid, ac3, ffdshow, vsfilter(VobSub), and the quicktime alternative, realtime alternativ, but the movies on xvid don't play.


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    ty KM media player

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    Second part first.

    To find out where the breakdown is in playing xvid under Vista you can use Gspot (included with Klite codec pack). This will tell you what the system is trying to use and where the chain of decoders and filters fails. However, that's not likely to be much use unless you fully understand the information it presents. Instead, I suggest you un-install all codec packs, reboot, then re-install the klite codec pack and just select the defaults. If you try and install the "minimum" without understanding exactly how filters work then you'll probably omit something important.

    If you really want to install just the miminum set of codecs then once you've got everything working you can use Gspot to tell you what it is using. Remember to check both the video and audio paths, on all variations of file formats that you may want to watch. That's probably quite some combination so it's a lot of work. Once you've got the list you can un-install the codec pack and re-install with just the bits you want. Make a note of what you excluded because you will almost certainly find you want them back later.

    Now the first part.

    The image quality is unlikely to be anything to do with the fact that one is on Vista and the other is on XP. It is more likely that the encoder settings are different. You should to check the encoder settings under XP and set them the same under Vista. The default settings may be different even if you've never changed them.

    Since Winavi is managing to decode xvid (otherwise you wouldn't get any output at all) it must be using an built-in codec. If it is using an official codec under XP, that could be the cause of the quality difference. Consequently you need to make sure that xvid playback is working properly before you worry about conversion quality since that may be affecting your results.
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