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Thread: How to make a backup of pass & the complete profile of Firefox

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    This guide will help you save time!

    Transferring a Firefox profile from one computer to another can be a pain if you have to do it manually. Sure, you can locate the firefox profile directory and then copy it to the new machine, but then it doesn’t automatically show up in the list, etc. A much easier method for backing up and restoring profiles is to just use an application to backup and restore the profiles to a single backup file.
    Now you can make a safe backup of pass & bookmarks of your favourite torrent sites

    1. If you wanna make a backup only for passwords

    All you need is the Password Exporter extension

    Download Password Exporter from Mozilla Add-ons

    Open up the Add-ons screen and find Password Exporter in the list, where you can click the Options button to bring up the Import/Export Passwords dialog.

    You can either import or export your passwords using this dialog, and you can choose to encrypt them if you want.

    You can export in either XML or CSV format. If you are trying to create a spreadsheet with all your passwords the CSV file would be a better choice.

    Just be very careful with the list of passwords you exported.

    2. If you wanna make a backup of the complete profile of firefox (pass, bookmarks, cookies,etc)

    Download MozBackup

    When you launch the application, you can choose to either backup or restore the profile. You can choose which profile to back up, and what file to save it as.

    You can restore the profile on another computer by simply launching the MozBackup application on that computer, and then selecting the profile to restore to, and chosing the backup file that you copied from the first computer:

    3. Other nice alternatives

    Z Backup Firefox Basic (PC Only)


    The EZBackup Firefox tool makes backups of your Firefox Profile to local, network or removable drive.Createing a self-restoring backup wizard interface that guides you through restoring your data.
    The Software costs $9.95 with free upgrades, and they also offer a $30 pro version that includes the ability to backup to CD/DVD and over FTP with 128-bit security.
    This method is easier than the Knowledgebase article but not Free.

    Firefox Environment Backup Extension [ FEBE ] (Free)

    The Firefox Environment Backup Extension {FEBE} is aimed at more professional users and offers very advanced backup and restore options.
    Its counterpart CLEO (Compact Library Extension Organizer) creates a single .xpi file from the backup, that you can install on any machine.
    Highly recommended for professional developers but it will confuse regular users with the hundreds of sub-menus and options.

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    10x for tutorial

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    wish i knew this the times i reinstalled woulded save me a lot of time.but thanks to you the next time i will know

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    This tutorial is especially a time saver even across platforms, sharing between mac & pc.

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    Good trick. Thanks.
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    There is also Febe extension
    which does it all

    "FEBE backs up your extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks, preferences, passwords, cookies and just about everything else Firefox offers (it can even backup/restore your entire profile)."

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    Thanks for tut

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    Thank You for the info.

    Says that passwords can be stolen? This is safe to add?
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    useful tut,

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    this is pure gold )
    i have to many passwords to keep in mind so this program will help me a lot
    Just seeding

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