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Thread: Networking

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    Hey every1, 1st of all, wow have i missed the forum.

    2ndly, can anyone help me?

    Soon i will be setting up a network, i have an idea on how to do it but not sure if it will work but here's how i think it will go:

    Coming into the house will be a broadband internet line.
    This will go into a single ethernet port ADSL router which will connect to my main computer. I will be using Sygate Home Network to share the connection to the computers on my network.
    From a 2nd NIC on the main PC will be a Cat 5 patch cable going into a hub. Other computers will then plug into the hub and connect up to the network.

    Now here's the bit i am not sure about, i have two laptops with wireless cards in them. They use 802.11g (54mbps).
    To get them to connect to the network they need to connect to a wireless hub. Rather than put a 3rd NIC in the main PC, plug the wireless hub into it and bridge the Ethernet and wireless connections, can i plug my wireless hub straight into the normal hub and have my laptops connect to the network?

    Sorry it is long winded but i wanted to give all the information.

    Am open to suggestions and alternative methods for my network.

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    There's absolutely no problem at all connecting it that way, the wireless hub only needs some sort of network connection and does not care whereabouts on the network you configure it from. The only thing to remember is that hub to hub connections need a crossover cable unless one of them has an uplink option on one of it's ports.
    There is a small possibility that you may need to provide some sort of direct connection for initial configuration, but this is very unlikely.
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