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Thread: Anyone Got A Good

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    if so can u post it here or something cheers

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    I downloaded a TMD version of it two days ago, but threw it away because the it was one of the crappiest movies I'd ever seen.
    You really shouldn't watch this- you'll get dissapointed.

    At the other hand: use the Search Engine; I'm sure you'll find it.

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    dam what size r those rims, they like some 25's

    proud to be american

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    I saw it in the theater, and enjoyed it for what it was.

    if your seeking oscar material, of course, stay away. but if you love slasher flicks, enjoyed the old movies, didnt like jason x, you will love this.

    to each their own

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    we all have our tastes of course, being a huge jason fan, freddy vs jason was ten times better than i expected it to be and i do have a good screener of it that i am sharing

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    Originally posted by Jay@4 September 2003 - 04:17
    dam what size r those rims, they like some 25's
    yeah there 24s nice though Escalades rule

    can u please post that screener of it in here please

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    daduck is the good copy

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    i have the screener. and now sharing at kazaa.

    well try to search for it.

    File: Freddy.Vs.Jason.Screener.DIVX.avi
    Length: 802689024 Bytes, 783876KB
    UUHash: =hO6nKE4sHoO/tt9NOAhvThnFK8g=

    try to search for


    in artist.

    That how u would recognise my file.
    Very good quality screener!

    ps.. if u found me or my files ..
    Try to msg me. i'll try to open extra slots. B)

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    Length:618416128 Bytes, 603922KB

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    Yep the best place 2 get the DaDuck is of bittorrent

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