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Thread: Spore - PC, DRM

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    Looks like the highly anticipated PC game, Spore, has been highly criticized for its DRM.
    Spore, after more than 10 years of development time, is finally available for the PC and Mac. The game comes from the mind of the talented Will Wright, the man who gave us The Sims and the original SimCity titles. No matter what people think about the actual game play the story now centers around the DRM scheme EA built into the title, and a grassroots movement has begun to tell gamers just how bad the DRM sucks. The method? Bombing the comments on
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    i checked amazon for myself and lol'd

    link here

    Is the gameplay any good though. I'm a big fan of Simcity but i think ill have to pass on this one. Sorry Will

    And is the RELOADED version stripped of the DRM or what?

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    i couldn't tell... as i have had so many problems with the RELOADED release.

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    Meh, could be that someone just decided to spam the crap out of it... Game really isn't all that bad... Just not all that its hyped up to be.

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    I don't really understand why companies do this stuff...
    I mean, people who pirate the game are gonna find a way to make it work despite the DRM and then people who actually pay for it are gonna get put through a bunch of bullshit.
    The buyers might as well just download it, too, so they can install it more than 3 times without having to call EA.

    I haven't played the game yet, myself _ i was really looking forward to it, though. I have a Macbook and the Mac version of the game isn't even compatible with my computer - which is only a couple years old. Why? Because no one even took the time to port it over to Mac in a decent way. A retail Mac game that doesn't even run natively in OSX.. does that even make sense? I would've rather waited a couple months for a proper Mac port.

    I have a Wii, so I guess I still get to play it/check it out, but I have a feeling the Wii version isn't going to be as good.

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    At first I was amazed that a newly released game would even run on my crappy PC. Then I realised why... the game is so simple and boring! All you do is run around and kill stuff or make friends with them. Evolving your character is kinda fun at first, but the novelty soon wears off that. I'm just glad I didn't actually buy it, what a waste that would have been!

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    How come I see I cracked version on Demoniod for the MAC and PC if DRM ? Did n't try it but was showing a buddie the link for the demo and both thought what a great Idea .

    The game not the crack .

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    Im not renting this.

    Spoiler: Show

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    I've played the reloaded version. It freezes for me at the space stage when I'm zooming out of a planet but other than that it runs great. The game is simple and easy to pick up.. its geared towards casual gamers anyway. No DRM on the reloaded release.

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    well, i also played the reloaded release, with their crackfix, and no problems at all, i am at the mid-spaceage...

    game is OK, very fun to play sometimes, but bores afterwards...

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    no problem with the reloaded version
    and its a very good and unique game
    i love it
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