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Thread: FTP software question

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    Here is my situation. I have access to an FTP site. It is not my site, I don't post anything to this site. In a job I have coming up I am going to need post of the files that are posted to this site. Since I have password access to the FTP site I can go on and right click on the files and save them.
    The problem is that there are dozens for folders with dozens of files in each folder. For me to find all the files in the sub folders and download them individually would take forever.

    Is there any bit of software that will go through and download all the files and folders and sub-folders on this site?

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    I use RoboTask for transferring files off my xbox but found this program today and might give it a go instead...

    Robo-FTP provides a simple script language focused on automating FTP file transfers and related operations. Even sophisticated workflows involving zip/unzip, PGP encryption, e-mail notification, custom file naming, and connecting to multiple FTP servers with different protocols can be automated with a simple script.



    Robo-FTP is a secure, automated FTP client designed for the small business or individual power-user with a need for script-driven file transfers capable of custom workflows.

    Robo-FTP Server

    Robo-FTP is a highly configurable, secure FTP server that provides a wide range of automation features without sacrificing ease of use.

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    I used to always use ws-ftp pro, though not sure if it still exists?
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    fireftp firefox extension

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    filezilla is pretty good for a freebie. log in, select all files/folders (shift+clicking or ctrl+a) & away you go. flashfxp has always been a great ftp app too (not free but there's a trial), as has ipswitch ws_ftp (mentioned above).

    hope it doesn't give you any more hassles!

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    I also recommend FileZilla, easy, fast, and with a lot of options.


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