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Thread: BitMeTV account disabled- Please help!

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    Help! I'm distraught and don't know how to fix this!

    I've been a BitMeTV member for a long time... years. I signed up when they were actually taking open sign ups! I've never traded the account, cheated in any way... my only sin was keeping up with my share ratio and having to buy the upload credits to even out.

    I have been out of the country for work for a couple months, and just tried logging into my BitmeTV account a couple days ago. I got a notice that my account was disabled... I would appreciate any help or advice on what to do. I tried googling solutions... I don't even know what IRC is... tried downloading a MAC client... tried logging in... I dont think Im doing it correctly...I haven't been able to figure out any other way to get help.

    I love my BitMeTV... hopefully someone else who also does will understand my distress and help me find a solution.

    Much thanks to all.

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    Hi there it simple....since u have not used for over 42 days i become it get disable so go into there chat channel and they will fix it up for u.

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    Yeah the only way u can fix an account that has been disabled for inactivity is to do it thru IRC - re-enabling needs to be done in real time with a mod or higher.
    Don't know about Mac IRC clients - but once u get on the server name is (type: /server ) and the channel u need to join is (type: /j )
    Once in the help room you will need to wait to be "voiced" by staff to get help - this can take a while depending if staff is available.

    Good Luck

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    LostInSpaceNY, I just posted how to join their irc for mac users in your other thread.

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    BMTV staff sucks X-(

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    BMTV staff sucks X-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by helpme View Post
    BMTV staff sucks X-(
    Quote Originally Posted by wilywxw View Post
    BMTV staff sucks X-(
    oh.. thanks for posting your thoughts guys. I am sure the OP will be indebted to you forever..for you took the time out of your busy schedules and posted such relevant piece of information.

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    The OP said that he did not use his account in over 2 months.

    Quote Originally Posted by BMTV rules
    Parking an account indicates that the owner of the account will be away for a while (less than 9 months), and the staff will take that into consideration if an account is unused for a period of time.
    It is a good idea if you are going to be away to put the following information into the member "info" box in the user/cp settings: That you are going to be away for an extended period and the rough date of when you expect to return. When you return, visit us in the irc help channel and you will be re-enabled in most cases.
    If an account is disabled for inactivity then the account is only retrievable by speaking to a staff member in the help channel of our IRC.
    It has to be done on IRC because once an account is re-enabled for the above reasons - the system only gives a few minutes for the member to login before it checks the dates again and auto re-disables.
    It is likely that BMTV will re-activate the OP's account once he goes through the proper steps to do so. It was not BMTV's fault that the OP did not follow the site rules. Not only will the staff have to spend their time re-activating the account, they had to disable it also. If people would follow the rules, it would save the staff a lot of extra effort.

    Good luck, OP. It sounds like you were/are a good member who supported the site and (generally)takes care of his account. People forget to do little things like that before a vacation.

    OP, please stop reading here.

    The two whiners above me should keep reading....

    The site (like most other good ones) prunes inactive accounts so that other people (who will actually make use of the account) can sign up.

    BMTV is a very nice site and I am sorry that you two- wilywxw and helpme don't appreciate the hard work that goes into making that site what it is!

    Perhaps if more people would just follow the site rules- which I know they STRONGLY emphasize there, they would not have to babysit members like willywxw and helpmewho later cry when they see the site name.

    Thousands of us enjoy that site and have NO problems with the staff or tracker!
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    There staff are great to honest users....

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    Am i the only one who saw that this thread is from September 2008 ?
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