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Thread: How to solve this

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    Hi...Iím using windows xp sp2 and I'm using Mcafe antivirus. The problem is i don't know how it's happened..My C & D Drives are invisible and in my desktop on write side (next to time) windows showing virus alert..And my task manager & control penal are disableís & I try to install kaspersky antivirus itís giving to solve this...........& how to visible my both C& D drives & other components

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    do you have a new hard drive? how i would do it is probably not the best way but just reinstall windows on a new disk and connect that disk your using a slave im sure all your documents and that will be there, i hope...with cracked av i no longer use it, can you really trust a cracked antivirus? get avira or pay for nod32 or something. i dont know how your c drive is invisible but its probably something id reformat for. maybe someone more knowledgeable will be able to shed more light on it for you.

    all the best.

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    but the problem is mine is laptop...i cant remove it..

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    First of all, NEVER install two anti-virus products on your machine. If I were you, I'd run online scanners such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender to check your computer for malware.

    Make sure you don't have two antivirus products installed (Norton and McAfee for example)

    If the online scanners don't work for you, the best advise I can give you is to back up your important file on either an external hard drive or a flash drive. Then install the windows CD and reimage your computer.

    Best of luck

    (I work in the Computer Resource Center at my College so I know what I'm talking about)

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    If you can't get online scanners to work and reinstalling isn't a practical solution then you CAN install the drive into a working machine and scan it that way, though it may cost you the price of an external drive case.

    Simply get (buy, borrow, steal etc) an empty 2.5" USB case, remove the drive from your laptop and install it into the case. Now take to case with the installed drive and plug it into a booted system.

    Note, do not plug the drive into the system before it is booted. Microsoft systems look at the boot sectors of all attached drives to see if there is any extended bios code that needs to be loaded. If there's a boot sector virus on your drive you could corrupt the system you are connecting to. This won't happen if the system is already booted.
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    The both method of MR LYNX and MR Abyssal are good & Thanks for your suggestion, now I can install the kaspersky antivirus but is not working properly and its taking lots of time to update. But I tried its quit works, But the
    OS is bit k, but the both C & D drives are still invisible I can open those in only the method of using run option …But is not showing in MY Computer..what to do……………

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    Run dial a fix

    Make sure to click policies and remove all policies there. You'll want to also uncheck hide disabled polices and rescan and delete them all. Those are restrictions that take access away from you. Normally put there by trojans and viruses. You need to be local administrator for this.

    Then find and download smitfraudfix and combofix. Make sure to run smitfraudfix in safe mode and comobofix can be ran in normal mode. You should be pretty much back to normal at this point. Then uninstall Mcafee and uninstall and reinstall kaspersky and do a full scan. Let me know if you need more help after doing this.

    I suggest to also reset Internet Explorer and Firefox options to defaults and delete all temporary internet files. Is best to do this before the virus scan.

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    A solution by me:
    Reinstall your windows XP. As simple as that

    Or else you may do it the harder way as others suggest.

    Reinstalling is what I does in case of any troubles to my system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmv1993204 View Post
    A solution by me:
    Reinstall your windows XP. As simple as that

    Or else you may do it the harder way as others suggest.

    Reinstalling is what I does in case of any troubles to my system.
    Splendid advice.
    Have a problem? Start over!

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