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Thread: Remote Procedure Call Failed

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    whenver i try to save my password in internet connection, a box pop ups saying that "Remote Procedure Call" failed and cannot save password and no there is no virus on my computer and my nav is up to date.

    edit: help wud be greatly appreciated

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    Remote Procedure Call is a service running on all NT platforms including XP and Server 2003. If that service fails or crashes the PC must restart. Recently an exploit was discovered by M$ that can crash the RPC. I suggest you download the patch to close this vulnerability or use a good firewall to shield you from it. You don't have to be infected by a virus but this exploit can still take you out of you don't patch your OS.

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    i got zonealarm and i have already downloaded the patch.

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    you've downloaded the patch, but have you installed it?

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    of couse, y wud i download sumthing if i dont wanna install it


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