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Thread: Question: Buffering Up With Another IP...

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    Hey there,

    I was just wondering this thing in here..

    If I'm low on ratio, well, hard to upload/seed back, lets say. Then, I'm letting somebody else from another country to buffer up my account with his SeedBox, is that alright? TL, RevTT? ScT? FTN? etc..
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    I'm pretty sure that's a yes for your question.

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    i would ask the staff of that tracker

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    the best thing to do is let the staff know what you are doing

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    Word of advice, never ever give your log & pwd of your accounts to someone else who says they have a seedbox, unless you implicitly trust them with your life.

    How do you know that they haven't been banned there, that the "seedbox" hasn't been banned even for false stat reporting. So many things to go wrong, dupe ip's, theft of accounts, banning both accounts etc etc.

    If he is such a good friend, then get him/her to share the seedbox details with you so you can restore your own ratios to a decent level using the seedbox yourself, you can always owe him a favour or offer to share the costs.
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    I'd like to just add to what Sgt said, since that pretty much covers it; I've seen a lot of threads in this section elsewhere about people claiming people they let 'buffer their accounts' by giving their passkey/login credentials go bad quickly, not to mention that sharing accounts isn't allowed on a lot of trackers.

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    I think that might be considered account sharing by most of the trackers.

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    kondrae's Avatar Trance BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    if he doesnt have an acc there also, then yes. but if he does, you risk ban for dupe accs if he accesses both acc's from seedbox.

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    you're actually allowed to share seedboxes on most sites, just need to inform the right people, if hes paranoid just give the person the .torrent file, and he can load it onto his box.
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    As other people have said you need to let the tracker staff know what you are doing because if the IP changes to that of another country and the account activity/speed changes they may assume the account has been traded and ban it.

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