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Thread: [TorrentFreak] OiNK Admin and Uploaders Charged

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    "During October 2007, the popular BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shut down in a joint effort by Dutch and British law enforcement. Today, OiNK admin Alan Ellis has been charged with conspiracy to defraud. Charges against four OiNK uploaders will follow later today."

    "After extending the bail date 5 times, Cleveland police has announced the charges against OiNK administrator Alan Ellis.

    Cleveland police initially stated that the charges against Alan would be announced during December 2007, but this was soon postponed for two months due to a lack of evidence, only to be postponed another 4 times.

    Interestingly, the charges against Ellis are not related to copyright offenses. Instead, he has been charged with “conspiracy to defraud”, further details about the charges are not available at the moment, but are likely to be released in the coming days. On 24th September, the case will he heard at a magistrates court."

    Full Article: OiNK Admin Charged With Conspiracy to Defraud

    "Today, after almost a year, the OiNK investigation came to an end. Earlier today we reported that OiNK administrator Alan Ellis was charged with "conspiracy to defraud". Now, just hours later the alleged uploaders are charged with copyright infringement for uploading one CD."

    "This May, five men and one woman were arrested for sharing music on OiNK. The suspects were taken in for questioning, and required to provide DNA samples and fingerprints.

    Two months later, two of the six alleged uploaders were released from further investigation, but (at least) two of the remaining four have been charged today. The alleged uploaders were charged with copyright infringement for uploading one CD. The "conspiracy to defraud" accusations vanished, as they were not mentioned."

    *Note: Early report, more information might be added.

    Full Article: OiNK Uploaders Charged with Copyright Infringement

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    I bet he was so busy running the site, he had no time to upload pre-release music!

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    Meanwhile, someone somewhere is being murdered, raped, selling crack etc as I type this. good job pigs! Your mothers must be very proud.

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    killuminati96 i agree heck these music/companies, etc.. have so much power they can basically rape whomever they want, man, women and more importantly children and get away with it.

    There is one way that they will stop and that is to hang them but it would require people giving up a lot that they do provide...

    hmmm lives of children, etc.. vs their death compared with having all the latest and greatest tech...

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    It just goes to show how misplaced the law and its resources are. Welcome to the corporate government, where everyone has a price except for the real criminals who are a threat to everyone's lives.

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    bad news

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    and that`s the way the cookie crumbles

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    Yeap. The music companies spew all this crap to the news saying that they owners friends sharing, calling them CRIMINALS profiting greatly, then when the news die down they charge them on something else. I know the music companies will have to change evenutally (no way they can survive in the 21st century with that kind of mentality, need to learn to change, adapt), but if only it would happen sooner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killuminati96 View Post
    Meanwhile, someone somewhere is being murdered, raped, selling crack etc as I type this. good job pigs! Your mothers must be very proud.
    Crime is crime. You can't base pursuance all on merit alone. The thought of doing so is just silly.

    The FST group

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMalistic View Post
    and that`s the way the cookie crumbles

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