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Thread: Video conversion

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    Ok I have a stupid question. I'm sure it's been asked before but I have looked all around the boards and can't find help so I thought I'd ask. I just have a regular dvd player not divix. It plays burned cd's fine though. I am looking for a video conversion software that will be the best possible quality. Time is not as big of a factor as quality. I also would like software that would then burn this new high quality video onto dvd. Basically I download alot of torrents and as well all know some are not the greatest so I would like to fix them and get them looking as best as possible before burning.Thanks for any and all help.

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    its on most torrent sites and is the best 1click solution

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    As stated above use ConvertXtoDVD to burn

    You can use Video Cleaner Pro to adjust everything in the video if you want
    Its real easy and fairly fast

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    Thanks, I've been looking for a good program for this also.

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    OK so I got Video Cleaner Pro and ConvertXtoDVD. If I use ConvertXtoDVD to burn do I really need any other burning software like nero or ashampoo taking up valuable space on my hard drive or should I just convert with ConvertXtoDVD and use other software to burn?

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    Good question Optimgr , I have Nero for burning copies of cd or dvd 's and ConvertX to convert then burn . I also use DVDSanta , DVD Encripter , Dvdshrink and UltraIso for different reasons depending on the file .

    I always point my friends to AfterDawn when they ask video questions .

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    I convert and burn with ConvertXToDvd.

    I mean it's an ISO file. If any app is worth it's weight it will burn it the exact same or it will be corrupted and unreadable. Soo just stick with ConvertXToDvd.

    If you have problems, switch to another software to burn the .iso file.
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    You will never get high quality video downloading avi files and converting them to dvd. You say time is not a factor, so download full iso's or dvd files (vob/ifo/bup) and forget the conversion all together. Just make sure the ones you pick are coded for your area (PAL/NTSC). This way you DO get ultimate quality along with menus and extras if they're included. If the iso or files are over 4.7gig and you don't want to use Double layered media, use DvdShrink to bring them into line. If you don't care about original menus, you can also use Neros "Vision Express" to convert the main movie files only from PAL to NTSC or visa versa (just make sure your area is selected in the options MORE > DEFAULT VIDEO OPTIONS and say no at the end of the setup when it says the files are more of one type than the other, do you want to make it that type?, you select NO you want to change it.)
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    Agree with ConvertXtoDVD. Very simple software and decent amount of features.

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    total video converter is the best it will convert anything in anyformat


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