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Thread: with a seedbox?

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    I've just bought a seedbox.
    It's running TorrentFlux 2.4.

    I can download from with great speed, but when I go to seed even the most popular torrents on the site I can only ever get 1 or 2 peers and a speed sub 10kb/s.

    If I try a public torrent, I get an awesome upload speed.

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    My experience is that everything there is so incredibly well seeded and has virtually no leechers. If there's not many wanting to download the file then you won't get high speeds.

    I haven't set it up myself yet, but it was suggested to me that if you want to build ratio with a seedbox, a good way is to set it up so your seedbox downloads via RSS the scene torrents as soon as they pop up.

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    If a torrent is fairly old on What but "appears" popular then 99% of the leechers are in fact "partial seeders". Have you tried jumping on a popular torrent when it's still new?

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    seedboxes are nearly useless at sites like and waffles.

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    Unless, you rss popular torrents.
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    I often get ~5gb upload on the comic packs and flac albums. I sort by most leechers and they pick a torrent that is 500mb+, 12hrs or less old, 1 seeder. i often get 3-5x ratios on these. i have been on what for 4 months with a seedbox, rotating torrents 1-2x a day and got about 90gb upload(vs 5tb to other sites) so def harder but doable

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    Thanks for the tips.
    I'll try them out.

    Also, after I leave TorrentFlux for a while, say 15 minutes, I come back and my torrents have stopped seeding.
    How do I stop that?

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    of course you would get crazy upload speeds on public trackers, its filled with leechers
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    there are a ton of high leeched torrents with 1 seed right now

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    When the site opened I uploaded 240gigs on the I-Doser torrent. lol... yea, it's hard to seed at music sites.

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