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Thread: Seedhost .. Questions

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    Hello all .. .

    I have a new seedbox from (Shared with 3 other users ,VNC access , FTP , WebUI )
    and I want to ask some questions :
    1- Can I encrypt my seedbox , and how ?
    2- What is VNC, and is it useful ?
    3- is it safe to download from private trackers to the seedbox.

    I hope you help me

    thanks all.

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    1. i find no use for encrypting.
    2. vnc is good for rss and making torrents, vnc is like accessing the computer, so u can see the utorrent like you do at home
    3. of course

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    It's safe to download only from private trackers.Do not use it on public trackers, unless you want to lose it and get people in trouble.


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