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Thread: Request for a TL invite...

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    Hey everyone

    I've not been around in the community for long, but I have had high hopes of finding an invite for TL for over two months now from hearing it is one of the best trackers out there.

    I hand around on the IRC channels, so I might seem a familiar face to some

    I've been a member of and several others for a few weeks now, with a very good ratio. My computer is usually on 24/7 and I hear TL is heaven for seeding, so i'd be looking forward to getting some good ratios and becoming a part of the community

    If anyone has any invites to TL and wants to make someone very happy, please send one my way!

    I understand that TL invites are very hard to come by, but thought i'd try my luck here. "You never know..."

    Edit: No longer needed.
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