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Thread: peerportal

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    Hiya i am new to these forums so if i have posted this in the wrong section i apologise in advance.

    Ok i have been a member of peerportal for about3 years now and went off the scene and off the radar for the last year and was looking up my old haunts.

    I got to peerportal's site, requested my password to be emailed to me cos i had forgotten it.. they sent me an email with my account details so i know its still active.. i then went back to the site and logged in and then all i see is a plain white blank webspace thats it.. nothing on the page at all.. i even checked the source to see if there was anything hidden and there is nothing much in that either.

    Has anyone had this problem before? and if so how do i overcome it..

    Kind Regards


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    Same as yours
    You should post it in the BT Discussion section.

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    ok will do thx


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