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Thread: Looking for TL

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    Looking for TL, used to have an account there, yet let it lapsed when I went to boot camp. That site seemed to be the only one, that I wasn't able to park my account.

    Same user name on:
    BitMeTV <----Been a member since 2005

    All in Good Standing and some lesser sites....

    like FileMP3,, pureTna....but those are in good standing also


    Hell, I even recall one of the uploaders....stuffies....the uploader whom re-encoded every single video uploaded....hell, thats all she wrote...what else can i, even my account (xRaVeNx) from Demonoid is in good standing(I know it doesn't track torrents correctly). But, I've had that account since 05 also like bitmetv, been around torrents for a hot minutes....There just needs to be a park account option...
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    Anyone else? Seems that anyone that publicly lists TL invites in giveaways, the admin takes them away.... But, as you can check my background, you can see I'll keep a decent ratio....

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    well, we'll see about that, right now im on the pc from work and i don't really trust other internetz.

    check pm.
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    Wow, this is harder to get than the first time.

    Why isnt there a park account feature?

    Ahh, forget it....but if anyone is feeling generous...


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