Ever happened that you looked foe a song that didn't have any sources?
well this easy trick will help you download files that dont have any sources !
I recommend you use this only on files smaller then 20MB or it will be less affective.

Step 1:
Start your eMule and connect to a server .
It is highly recommended that you have an HighID.

Step 2:
Type in the search words you are looking for.
In this demonstration i typed a search word that is common but think of it as if there are no sources:

Now you can see that there are a lot of downloads but all of them with 1 source.
Step 3:
Choose as many of files that match your search and click download-

And now a bit of math
Lets say you want to download a song in the way i just demonstrated and you choose 20 files that match your search - Same as downloading one file with 20 sources.
If you choose 50 files that match you search - 50 sources.
The only problem is that every file has only 1 upload rate and so dont expect HighSpeed download.

Step 4:
In 'Transfers' you can follow the files you chose. As soon as one of the files finishes to download simply delete the rest of the so called "sources"

You can see that even with one source you can get a nice speed rate.

I hope this will help you!