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    Anyone have any experience with these guys? Are they legit? Signed up for an account, got the activation email, activated my account, everything was going great. Paid for the large seedbox, and suddenly, after it said Payment Complete, i cannot log in to my account. They said they'd contact me within 24 hours, and guess what? It's been 24 hours and i've got nothing. Sent them an email just now about this. Would there be any way to take legal action against these guys or something? I want either my seedbox or my money back. I'm a poor college student, and can't afford to just throw money out the window like this.

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    what server do they use? ovh?

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    Nevermind this. I was getting impatient but they were just taking a little longer than expected.

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    do you know what servers they use

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    seems awfully expensive

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    im curious to know what host they use...

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    I have an account with these same people, been using my seedbox for a few days, and I love the idea of a Seedbox now..

    But They have ABSOLUTELY NO customer service! I can't even find an email address to contact them with. Their "HELP DESK" is basically a glorified FAQ, their entire site is broken, I can't submit tickets, it's horrendous!

    Not to mention the speeds are subpar. If you have any questions or are considering them, I would recommend against it until someone from their company responds to my twitter message.


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    Too expensive service!

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    i used them once upon a time for their dedicated server.

    speeds were OK could have been a lot better for a dedicated server though!

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    In one of their page we can see the location of their "datacenter".
    One of them is Leaseweb, and the other is called... Seedboxhosting lol

    Anyway, they seem pro but they are too much expensive. Their prices don't seem to have changed since 1 year...

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