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Thread: I have Torrenteech, for Blackcats

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    Jan 2008
    I have torrentleech invite, i desperatly need blackcat games.
    I also have TTi and bit-hdtv invite if that is more interesting.
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    Sometimes it pays to do a little research first. There are no invites at BCG at present but there is a referral system, which is similar, due out tomorrow. But as traders are not welcome there it looks like you've blown your chances of anyone trusting you enough to get you in. Also note this:

    Accounts NOT To Be Traded On FST

    * We have an agreement with some BT staff known as Community Reps.
    * We DO NOT allow threads or posts trading accounts for these sites.
    * Threads or posts trading these accounts will be edited or trashed.
    * This is the list of account trades that are NOT allowed.

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