This is my first giveway here.I want give first my invites and second acc

invites: invites) invites)
globaltracker(1 invite) invite)
funfile(3 invites)
all4nothing(1 invite)
iptorrents(2 invites) invites)
digitalhive(5 invites) invites)
pretome(2 invites)
exitorrent(2 invites)
sharetorrents(11 invites),
goem(10 Invites),
xtremezone(5 invites)
music-vids(3 invites) invite)

tophos,,extremeshare,bitseduce,czone,all4nothing,iptorrents,,zamunda,pretome,exitorrents,sharetorrents -pin gone,childbytes goem ,xtremezone,polishbytes,pisexy,deepbassnine,thorsland

Traders,cheaters,scammers,sellers please dont enter in this thread.
Tell me why you need acc or invite.Why i should give you acc-invite?
You have chance for acc or invite if you give me 2 the best ratio proofs,speedtest.
Please dont spam here.
One person one invite-acc.
Screens give me here no pms.You can hide what you want.
Only active users with green bar reputation
Lets start giveway now
Good luck all