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Thread: Limit Speeds, Yet Still Play Games....

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    So, basically I'm wondering, with my current speeds, what is the maximum that I could limit utorrent download/upload, and still play games with utorrent running in the background with no lag.

    My ISP tells me I am paying for 4 meg down/384k up

    This is what speedtest tells me

    So, I could limit utorrent to about 200kB down/20 kB up, and still play games, like even starcraft with no lag?

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    it will depend on some other factors.
    u should leave at least 10k upstream clean to play, and 50k downstream.
    About lagging, if you are behind a router, and it is not a good one dealing with lots of simultaneous connections u might encounter a lot of lag.
    if you have a modem connected to your PC, hopefully these problems won't reveal themselves so harshly .

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    good advice cabalo,

    from personal experience - im behind a router and if i want to play a FPS online, bittorent is off, cuz the lower the ping the better(can make the difference between life and death)

    i have dsl 7dl, 1ul

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    Theres a feature in utorrent that throttles your download speed if your upload speed is too low.. you should set it to 15 if your download speed is extremely slow.

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    Bandwidth availability is a factor but I also agree that the amount simultaneous connections that your modem/router can handle plays its part too.

    Also, if your modem/router supports it, you might want to set up QoS to prioritize those packets which are for gaming over the rest.

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    with the speed you have i would cap your upload at about 25 kb/s in your torrent client if that's what your reffering to. My upload is about twice yours and i cap my upload in utorrent at 50 kb/s and i don't get any lag at all. Good luck with everything though.

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    well m8 you need to shut the tap in u torrent a little bit...
    downstrem lower it for 50 kb=s
    and upstrem..... well leave it on 10-15 kb/s
    it works for me while i'm playing cs

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    Well, I found out that, I can out max out my download, and limit my upload to about 10kbs, and still no lag....

    Seems download doenst matter

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    Can usually use ~80% of bandwidth for downloading w/o experiencing much lag in FPS games (depending on your connection of course)
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