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Thread: Excel to pdf

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    i have installed ABBYY PDF transform add-in on excel and it dose good job in saving sheets as pdf, the only problem is that page size turns out small, it has white spaces on sides which makes sheet small when printed.

    i have tried corping the image in Acrobat and i removed white areas but on print it still small.

    Acrobat it self has a Excel to PDf function and it captures pretty good size but there is a problem, drop down list's text in sheets wont capture.

    any idea how to fit captured sizes to full page on printing or how to fix acrobat's problem or perhaps a better solution.

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    One method would be to install Sun OpenOffice, open the spreadsheet, use the print preview option to adjust the output until it meets your requirements, then use the "export to PDF" option.

    As an alternative which will work for any output that can be printed you could use one of the many "print to pdf" packages which install as a printer driver. PDF Creator seems a good choice. Select the pdf print monitor as the printer, use print preview to get your output in the desired format, then "print" your file.

    I'm not familiar with the ABBYY product but if it works in the same way it suggests that you simply need to change your page setup to get the output in the right format.

    I don't know whether any of these solutions will solve the problem with the drop-down list, but if you know how to get that output to a physical printer the export/print to pdf options will give you the same output.
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