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Thread: Technical : 16x9 and 4x3 on same dvd

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    So I have a technical question.

    I'm making a dvd and I have both widescreen and standard ntsc segments.

    I'm using Adobe Encore CS3 as my authoring program (I have much experience in making dvd's, just not mix and matching 4x3 and 16x9)

    It's best to think of them as special features.

    Ok, so I link up one video (the main movie is standard 4x3) to the special features and it is 4x3 also. No problem!

    Now, I want to add another segment that is 16x9 widescreen. Will the profile of the dvd that I'm creating not allow me to display a 16x9

    I'm thinking it will force it (the 16x9 segment) into a 4x3 viewing dimension. Is that correct?
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    As long as your editing software allows you to mix them, there shouldnt be any problem for the player to play them.
    But your different format videos must be in separate titlesets.
    take a look at this link

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    You can reencode your 9x16 into a 4x3 format with the black lines at the top and bottom so it retains its full screen and proportions. You end up with a smaller video but since its still 4x3 it eliminates your problem. I've seen alot of vcd's that come that way, I mean with the black bars at the top and bottom, it allows them to be shown on a standard tv without loosing alot of the widescreen picture to the sides.


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