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Thread: Installing apps on my seedbox?

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    Hi Guys,

    I recently ordered a seedbox from, and I am a complete noob on stuff thats not windows so my question is this - How do I install a newsreader on it? Its Xfce.


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    Helpful, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fibre View Post
    By that do you mean .nzb? I have been a member of giganews for some times and I am used to use a reader on my windows pc. Its installing one on the seedbox thats the hitch. I got several different fileformats exe, bz2, gz, tgz, deb & rpm of newsreaders transfered to it with FTP, but when i try to open/execute 'em, an "open with" box pops up, and no apps to select.

    How do I install anything?

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    Your "seedbox" is above all a server running a linux system. Your question is not a seedbox question, it's a linux question.

    You should read some tutorials about how linux works, how to install apps without a package, what's a deb and rpm etc. check your distribution (debian or ubuntu in most case) and search information about it.


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