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Thread: Demonoid blocking?

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    I made thread a while ago about this problem I started in the Seedbox discussion forum but no responses, so I'll try it again here.
    Recently my seedbox which is from and a OVH server based in France cannot access demonoid. My previous OVH server could access and download from Demonoid but sometime at the beginning of this month I received a new server and this one cannot.
    I have no idea which country the old server was based in but this one is in France.
    Anybody know if Demonoid is blocking IPs from France or something to do with OVH? I can access the website through my server using proxy websites to get around the blocks but when I try to start a torrent from there all I get is "hostname not found" errors. I've heard people bypassing the website but I've never heard of the tracker itself not responding.
    BTW my home connection works perfectly fine with Demonoid so it has to be my server...

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    Maybe OVH is blocking Demonoid's tracker? They don't want the DMCA notices I'm sure and Demonoid is pretty public and insecure.

    Demonoid doesn't seem very proactive about doing anything, so I doubt they are blocking the major seedbox provider, which helps their slow speeds.

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    That's what I'm guessing too.
    I just want to know if there is a work around.
    I only want to access the comics section...

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    i can also confirm OVH servers/France are definately blocking "Demonoid"

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    I'm pretty sure its Demonoid itself blocking certain countries:

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    Double post
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    @horiZen: Glad I'm not the only one.
    @ngraham07: That's what I thought at first when I googled looking for a solution for this issue. That is the exact same article I was looking through. The thing is I haven't found any posts mentioning this before from people who either live in France or have some other kind of server that's based there.
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    Why are you putting Demonoid torrents on a seedbox? That's the one site you really don't need the ratio help because there are no ratio rules!!

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    Well I'm trying to download some comics packs(some a couple of GBs big) off there and many of them are very slow so I use my seedbox to slowly download from there instead of keeping my computer on 24/7 waiting then I can download from seedbox at full speed.
    But I guess I'm going to have to go the ol' fashioned way , since I don't think there's a way to fix this.


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