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Thread: Article not found

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    Hello all.. Im new to the Newsgroup movement and have hit a stumbling block. Im using (soon to be moving to newshosting) as well as Newzbin for search and Grabit for dl's. I was able to download some vids but as of late everything I try to get comes back with a Article not found. The downloads look like they are going to start and they stop. Start and stop all without really doing anything then I get "Article no found" I've heard this happens occasionally but I have not been able to get anything lately. I usually choose headers that have comments about the vid to see if it's legit.. Am I doing something wrong?


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    I've never seen that, it sounds as if your provider doesn't carry those groups. However going by what you said that doesn't seem likely. It would happen if you used an NZB for a file, say on a.b.m.m but you didn't have access to that group. The nzb would start your reader but it wouldn't be able to get the articles.

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    Probably has to do with retention. After so many days articles are wiped from their servers...

    Or something like that.


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