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Thread: I Passed Out 2 Day

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    Just wanting 2 share the worst experiance of my life....

    I have a tooth that has a gaping hole in it, it looks rotten 2, so i bought my own Dentist kit, u know the little mirror and scraper thingy....

    I thought i wud do a bit of scraping, so i started 2 scrape my rottern holey tooth,

    wow i have never felt pain like it, i wud have rather cut my penis off and fed it 2 wild monkeys, the pain was that bad, all i rember was falling down and throwing up at the same time...

    my mother found me and brought me round, with my mouth bleeding bad...

    anyway got an emergency appointment at the dentist, he pulled the tooth but he told me i had hooked the scraper thing on 2 the nerve that's why i passed out...

    so todays lesson nevr try 2 be a Dentist

    enjoy this photo

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    Ouch, i feel for u mate. Trying to give yourself a root canal eh? My dad's a dentist and according to him unanaesthetised root nerve treatment would be one of the most painful things possible.

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    painful things possible
    it was the most pain i have ever felt

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    under the sea

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    just imaganing it turns my stomach

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    Btw that tooth looks well rotten, do u hate going to the dentist that much? And didn't u have permanent toothache?

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    Remember, for healthy teeth:

    - Brush your teeth, at least twice a day, or after every meal
    - Eat less sugar
    - Make sure you get plenty of calcium, ie. drink milk/eat cheez
    - Make sure you get plenty of vitamin C, ie. eat fruit and veg - if not supplements
    - If you happen to step into a boxing ring/rugby pitch, wear a gum shield
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    i`ve got 2 wisdom teeth on the bottom jaw that are infecting my gums.i have to get littlebits of food stuck under my gums with a scraper thingy so i know how you feel,never fainted though but i`m not scraping any nerves.

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    & don't forget to floss. & go to the dentist!! Of course thats easier for some than others :-"

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    @ ILW, dude, do u get free treatment of your pops... cos i know i wud if my dad was a dentist

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