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Thread: frostwire? anyone use it?

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    I wondered if anyone used frostwire and what their thoughts were about this

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    Yes I use it, but only for music (as theres not much else on there). It's ok if theres a popular song you want, and don't want to download the full album. I struggle to find rare songs, simply because not many people have them. Also, you can't be too fussy with bitrate, as its nearly always 128 CBR.

    If you are just looking for a quick way to get some songs to stick on an mp3 player before a journey or something then its great. If you are planning on burning them to a CD for long term use, I would download from elsewhere.

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    I've used it before, It works well as a limewire alternative. If you're a fan of gnutella, it isn't a bad client. I've never used it for torrents.

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    i think frostwire and limewire are the same thing,just different name

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr jones View Post
    i think frostwire and limewire are the same thing,just different name
    frostwire is a spin-off from limewire, developed for free gnutella


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