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Thread: Star Wars Jedi Academy

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    Hi, I had download swjkja.part1.exe, but I doesn't work !

    What I have to do in order to open or manage it ?

    Burn It ?

    Rename It ?

    Everithing else?


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    Well unfortunaltey the post linked to my help us help you in sig is gone so I cannot link you there, but.
    You should just be able to run part 1 and part and then play. If something goes wrong there - you need to tell us what it is.

    EDIT: oh sorry - you need part two as well
    Filename: swjkja.part2.rar

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    Thx Teddi,
    when I try to open it i encourred in problem with (translation from italian):

    "this application in not a Win32 valid applicatio"

    So you think I must dowload part 2 to make work also part 1 ?

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    Well there is two parts to the package that was released, so you will need the second part to be able to lay, however if if you are getting an error tryong to extract the first one, there is something wrong with it me thinks. Not a valid win32 application is usually caused by something virul (I know english is not your first language so virus) but i cannot be sure of that, It may just be a bad copy or corrupted because it should start hen prompt for second part.

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    just want to add that toddiscool is correct....I have these files myself...(I got my versions from bittorent tho) & had no problem with them...Yeah part one (the exe file) will run & install without having part just won't finish the install unless U have part two in the same folder. Sounds like you've got a corrupt or faked file. Try downloading it again..or give bittorrent a try instead if U got yours from Kazaa. the file size for that first file is 667 megs. (looking at my own file) it's the beta version of the game tho but seems to run fine on my machine. Best of luck..Andy

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    mine was 3 parts and as long as you specify the part 2 and 3 it will install it and 1 came with the insataller ofcourse

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    hey guys, has the real version been released yet? i still have the beta version from suprnova like a while back, when is the real final version released?

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    there's the real retail version on suprnova

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    i thought i have the real one??

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    is it 2 cd's and does that auto play thingy come and is it CD Images???

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