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Thread: OVH Private Server - Disk Space Question

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    Hi all,

    I ordered one of the super-cheap Private Servers from OVH this month, the RPS1 option for 10.

    This was just a test for a laugh, see what it was like.

    Well I'm wondering if anybody else notices this behaviour.

    I have a 10GB "San Disk" and I filled it up with lots of good stuff, but now as I'm FTP-ing off the box and deleting torrents, the disk space is actually shrinking from 10Gb now to about 7Gb while leaving my unused space still at about 50Mb.

    Is this correct? anybody explain why this is happening



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    check the trash if on unix (/home/username/.local/share/Trash) might be getting used isntead of a proper delete (if deleting through uTorrent)
    Hosting-IE VPS vs OVH Dedi


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