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Thread: Gta Vice City

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    I just got the flt rip of vice city off irc. 2 discs of 15mb rar files inside a tar file. I&#39;ve unpacked tons of games that are packaged like this before, but for some reason I keep getting an error saying the volume is corrupt when I try to unpack the first cd. Anyone know what I could do to fix this? Thanks.
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    i seem to have a problem with ircs, 1st off, i can&#39;t get them to work, so i just don&#39;t bother anymore. u should try suprnova, klite has it 2, but it&#39;s slower and often times corrupt and it will ask u for disc 3 with in it. i got so pissed when that happened&#33;&#33;

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    I have the VC and GTA3 i cood rip a copy for you if u wont?


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