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Thread: Anti-Spyware with a small RAM footprint

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    I want one, single anti-spyware app that has real-time protection. I have about 4 at the moment. I'd like one that uses the least ram as well as doing a good job please. Any recommendations.
    Sorry if this has been asked before.

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    Benchez , I don't use a stand alone one . Just Firefox with Adblocker and Eset Internet Security . Seems fine to me but "use to use " CounterSpy at one time .

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    Counterspy,Spysweeper and Ewido/AVG are the most effective but nothing beats Superantispyware for a combination of lightness and efficiency.

    Peatmoss is right though most good AVs(and a lot of firewalls) have a decent anti-spy element these days.
    No need to install anything just run the occasional on-line scan.

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    I don't use antispyware software. I don't think there is a light version. They just slow your pc down. I use just Kaspersky AV and it does a fine job. Spyware is very easy to spot anyways. Well for me anyways. I worked cleaning infected systems for too long.

    Just have your AV software, the Windows firewall and your router firewall enabled and you should be ok. No need to install firewall software and Antispyware software.

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    ya use KAV 8

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    there are many such tools but I use Spyware doctor. But after reviewing NIS 2009. I uninstalled spyware tool becoz NIS 2009 does the job and moreover, there is a inbuilt CPU usage in NIS 2009 which shows how much resource NIS 2009 using

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    NOD32 0%cpu usage(unless scanning) mem usage is about the same as msn messenger

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    Artemis's Avatar ןɐɯɹou ǝq ʎɥʍ BT Rep: +3
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    Unless you have the pro version of Superantispyware it does not come with real time protection. The latest version of Spybot Search & Destroy (v 1.6) however has updated the 'tea timer' app and scans all active memory processes and has a real time registry change checker which effectively blocks any spyware from installing in the first place. The only thing still missing is the fact that you have to remember to update the definitions manually but with reporting switched off this is a powerful malware app that uses little system resources while being very strong on defense, this and the pro version of Superantispyware are probably the best malware apps out there. I just tend to support software that is fully featured without needing to purchase (or pirate) the full version, and Spybot is absolutely bulletproof!


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    Superantispyware is the best thiing on the market, blows everything else out of the water

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    i use spybot s&d and it has real time protection and it's very effective too

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