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Thread: I Need Input On My Website.

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    Please look at my website and tell me what I need to add and what I need to change. (I took the download link off)

    Oh ya, and I need someone with a fast upload speed to help me upload more programs for people to download. Message me and I will make you an FTP acount to upload some programs thanks.

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    mmm... isn't this considered spam??

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    dude don't listein 2 him, this is not spam....

    Personally i like it a lot, very clean and simple, Nice the way sites r going these days..

    dude u check your site out with the wc3 validator

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    Ok thanks, can anyone else find any thing that needs changing.

    And why would this be considered spam? Im asking input on something, which this forum is basically about.

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    dude i can think of nuthing that need changing, just make sure u update it on a regular basis cos that's wot keeps a site going

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    Ya, I think I just need more stuff on there. Like more programs more links and more features. I get 50 gig of bandwidth a year and I havent even used a gig of bandwidth im 3 months, I need more programs for people to download.

    Hey, if you want, you can help me collect links and content for my site.

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    Besides the questionable legality, your site works fine and doesn't hurt me eyes too much...

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    Very bad coding...

    did dreamweaver do it? seeing you offer a direct link to wares on your site its not allowed to be posted here....

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    No, no Dreamweaver. Only Notepad

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    Well I-Frames arent cross-browser compatible...
    #2 Should use a width or cols % because right now in high resolutions it look slike :-/

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