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Thread: I Need A Free Webhost

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    I need a free webhost to upload and run this

    Thanks. Tripod Lycos don't work.

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    paFileDB is designed to allow webmasters have a database of files for download on their site. To add a download, all you do is upload the file using FTP or whatever method you use, log into paFileDB's admin center, and fill out a form to add a file. paFileDB lets you edit and delete the files too. No more messing with a bunch of HTML pages for a file database on your site! Using speedy MySQL for storing data, and powerful PHP for processing everything, paFileDB is one of the best and easiest ways to manage files!
    Or if you know something like this,please tell me.

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    I could give you a sub-domain from my site.

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    Even a subdomain is ok.

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    Ok, what do you want the name to be?

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    How are the files stored? Raw binary?


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