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Thread: Convert DVD to .avi

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    What is the top program, that allows one to convert a DVD that is already ripped, and not in the form of .iso, but a DVD root folder, with .IFO files, etc.?

    Thanks in Advance

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    "Magic DVD Ripper" its simple and easy to use wouldnt try anything else after using it.

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    use autogk its the best r Dr divx

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    AutoGK for Xvid
    set it too 1400mb (2CD) for the better quality

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    Yep, another vote for autogk!

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    Yep, completely agree with what's been said above.

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    If you get stuck or want to know more is one of your best resources.

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    DVD Ripper by Apollo Multimedia

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    A really good program for what you suggest would be Convert X To DVD.

    Nevermind: I noticed after my post that you want to convert from dvd (vob) to avi. I would go to videohelp or afterdawn forums for recommended converter programs.
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