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Thread: Downloading A Windows Os?

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    does it work right now i have Windows 98 and i want to upgrade it to SE will the kazaa download work?

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    Almost certailny, but you might consider a nice copy of Windows XP

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    yes im sure its on kazaa floating around somewere, but i havent seen it...get bit torrent and the d/l from them....kazaa prob has it just cant find it

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    1. i can't download xp because i don't have that FAST of a computer!

    2. I did find a file that is windows 98 SE!

    but do you know if it works
    and hows it work?

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    if you get it from emule, it will work!

    Oh, and windows 2000 pro doesn't require a fast computer to run well.

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    i only have pentium II!

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    You mean "how does it work?"

    Look for a verified version of what you want. Then you download the file.
    Usually the Windows downloads are CD image files. You need to burn the image to a CD and then you can install it on your PC.

    If you need more specific detailed explanation of a specific step... Come back here and ask us. Give us some details as to what file you intend to download, its filename, extention and filesize (bytes) etc.

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    You are better off searching on eMule. YOu'll get th ebest results there, even if it is slow at the start.
    But I recommend you get Windows 2000, becasue it is like XP but can be used on slower computers. I think XP is crap because it drains loads of your computer's resources, just for a new visual style.
    Apparently 2000 is the most secure too.
    ME is shit, stay away from it at all costs (alas, I am using it now, until Mandrake arrives).
    Microsoft is discontinuing 98 and earlier aswell, so your better off with the new technology.

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    it didn't work!


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